The Angels of Sunset group started in a very simple and humble manner. The founder, Hyral Matete was walking around Manyatta Slum estate where she bumped in a group of kids playing, they were playing a contest for Miss Kenya.

Hyral got interested in knowing more about what they thought of Miss Kenya, they told her to be a judge in the contest. And she asked each contestant what they would do if they were Miss Kenya. They talked about promoting education among the slum kids, so Hyral thought to herself

Why not train them and make them have an impact in their lives and the community?

The Angels of Sunset was founded in February 18, 2013, by Hyral and a few of her friends who had the same vision and wanted to help. They then decided to find kids who were interested in fashion and modeling. Later on in August same year, the kids were to do more, and they started dancing too, since then The Angels of Sunset has been doing both Modeling and Dancing.

The group meets and rehearses at Kosawo Primary School, in Manyatta Slums where most of those kids come from. The kids are between ages 5-17 years old, both boys and girls.

Official launch of the Angels of Sunset group happened later in the year – December 17, 2013 during the very first show organized and participated in by kids in Kisumu.

Since then, the Angels of Sunset has been celebrating kids with immense talent in the various genres of arts: dance, music, poetry, and modeling.

The kids are very creative and talented, but face one immense challenge: education, since most of them are coming from less privileged backgrounds due to orphan hood, coming from single parent families with insufficient incomes, unemployed parents, and sometimes drug-addicted parents. These kids also have the will and zeal to pursue their education but due to little or insufficient resources, their dreams remain to naught.

Through the activities of The Angels of Sunset – shows, competitions among others, they are able to raise little if not enough resources to support and nurture the dreams lying in the kids. Also, donations from well-wishers among others is highly welcome to add to the educational kitty.

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